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Petra Group announces 5 year plan for US$130M Jetropha Curcus plantation and biodiesel refinery

October 1, 2007 ( PETALING JAYA: Datuk Vinod Sekhar, chairman of Petra Trust and Foundation and chief executive of Malaysia-based The Petra Group, announced plans at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York on Friday to create a Jetropha Curcus plantation and build a Jethropha biodiesel refinery in West Indies.

The cost of the initial five-year programme was about US$130mil, Petra said in a statement.

It added that the idea was to create sustainable employment, wealth and eradicate poverty in the region via the establishment of Jetropha nurseries, plantations and biodiesel refinery.

There to announce Petra’s commitment to the Jetropha plantation was former US president Bill Clinton.

According to Clinton, Jethropha was by far, the best solution, given the current economic, technological and socio-economic situation in the biodiesel arena.

Vinod said: “Our plan is to build a leading biodiesel plantation and plant in West Indies. We will prove that commercially driven projects can be developed in such a way as to ensure significant socio-economic progress without damaging economic value.

“We believe that private enterprises can work closely with governments to establish innovative and long lasting solutions to the problems of poverty eradication, wealth creation and energy supply.”


11 thoughts on “Petra Group announces 5 year plan for US$130M Jetropha Curcus plantation and biodiesel refinery

  1. We are a SArawak based company and are currently developing 100,000 ha of Community Based Jatropha Development program.

    We can help other to develop with our vast experienced

  2. It is my great pleasure to introduce my self here
    I M Aadrsh Tiwari working as aProject Officer
    (Cultivation & Evaluation of Petro-Crops [Jatropha & Karanj ) as well as I M doing Ph. D. on Potential of Jatropha curcus for rehabilitation of degraded lands with special reference to Bilaspur district. I got some out standing results in this field I M working research and cultivation of Jatropha crop since last 4 years. I assure u sir I shall help allot your company if I got the chance to proof my self. I M waiting prompt reply from your side.
    Thanking You with regards.

  3. Chumroen Benchavitvilai says:

    We would offer to have the joint investment in Jatropha plantation in the South East Asian countries with our agronomy team working in Jaropha in the past many years.
    We are now having the model plantation and looking for the funding to enlarge the plantation into commercial scale.

    We would be pleased to offer our project for the group to step in with immediate execution.

    Bioenergy Development Co.,Ltd.

  4. We do need to know the legal body of Petra group in Thailand.

    Claiming such big investment without a legal registered company look too strange.

    We do like t know the projects location and the time frame of execution.


  5. Who is Petra group. ?

    The announcement to invest usd 130 million for Jatropha plantation should have some action plan.

    There are so many fake announcement just to vow for the jatropha activities.
    So far there are only fake projects around

  6. ango daniel says:

    we have a large farm of jatropha and we are looking for investors and buyers of the seeds.we also need a legal body of petra group in nigeria/west africa.
    Thanks ango daniel

  7. Bapurao Kane says:

    I want to plant jetropha in my land about six and half acre. I have got sufficeint water supply. Pleas guide me about its plantation and project for its economical prospects. Aslo is there any bank which is giving finance to this project also market prospect of it
    Bapurao Kane

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