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IKF Tech signs US$50MM contract with Thai companies for Jatropha plantations

October 8, 2007 (Financial Times Online) – IKF Technologies signed joint venture (JV) agreements with two Thai companies – Kiwin and Kondanna Group (an associate of US-based Kondanna Energy and Petroleum ), reports Business Line.The contract is signed for jatropha plantations, in both Thailand and North East (for bio diesel); and also for supply of fly ash from India.

IKF created jatropha plantations in 30,000 acres in Jaintia Hills area of Meghalaya, along with inter-cropping in an additional area of 1,000 acres. IKF also has a presence in the Giridih area of Jharkhand. The company is looking at investment proposals in areas like jatropha plantation, jatropha-based bio diesel, tropical sugarbeet-based ethanol and hydel projects.

As per the contract, one million tons of fly ash will be supplied annually from India to Kondanna. The JV agreement for the ethanol project is between Salampuria Botanicals of IKF and the Thai outfit of the New York-based US company.

The company intends to create jatropha plantations in both North East of India and Thailand with initial investment of USD 50 million approximately.

The plantation-bio diesel venture is expected to employ 5 lakh jobs per annum. The company`s earnings of nearly Rs 880 million are through carbon credits. The proposed ethanol plant in the north east will have an estimated capital cost of USD 20 million.

Shares of the company closed down Rs 0.1, or 1.48%, at Rs 6.65. The total volume of shares traded at the BSE was 4,270,244. (Friday)


11 thoughts on “IKF Tech signs US$50MM contract with Thai companies for Jatropha plantations

  1. Dr.pradeep.kr.eddy says:

    i am Dr.pradeep.k.reddy i am intrested in plantation of jatropha about 200
    acres in our land can please send me detailed project report like invstment
    earnnings by jatropha and other plantations for bo deisel.

    thanking you

  2. Rittichai Chearsamran says:

    Please contact us using the above email address or call me
    at 089-053-8680 to discuss detailed .

    Best regards,

    Rittichai. C
    On behalf of Alliances Energy Group LLC.

  3. geoff fowler says:

    I would like some figures on jatropha please I have available 100’s of hectacres to turn over to jatropha production but nobody can tell me who buys the nuts and at how much I am based in north east thailand and lots of people would also like this information


    Iam interested to know more about Economics of large scale jatropha plantations( captive farming) compared to small scale farmers level contract farming.

    if anybody can help me pl contact my mail biovel@yahoo.com

  5. John Savage says:


    Please e mail me at johnsavage@earthlink.net if you are still interested in learning more about Jatropha and have land available.

    While there are many players working in the development of Jatropha as a biofuel our business model is different and offers those with land much greater returns than they see in the typical deal.

    Please contact me if you would like to hear more about our opportunity.

    John F. Savage

  6. We are devloping the project of Jatropha plantation in Lao(8,000 hectares) and Cambodia (3,000 hectares).
    Currently operating around 300 hecares of pilot plantation for few years and ready to enlarge to the fulls cale.

    We do have the off take market who are geeting the CJO (Crude Jatropha il) form our own pilot plantation for the experiment in both BDF production and SVO for stationing power generating engines in Europe.

    If there would be any inetteersting aprties to join.Please contact or phobe +66 851095555

  7. Please advsie teh contact address of teh serious investor of jatropha in Thailand.
    it seems that a lot of talk without execution in the past decade in Thailand.

    We would like to know teh realy players not the project dreamer.

    Chummy mh
    Thai+66 85 109 5555
    Lao +856 20 984 5555

  8. Who is the contact of the investment for Jatropha plantation project in Thailand.

    Anyone could provide the information of the contact persons and address.

    It seems that there is not such legal body who did claim for this project in Thailand.


  9. Chumroen Benchavitvilai says:

    Where are your plantation in Thaialnd.
    We are interesting to have some joint cooperation with your Jatropha project in Thailand.

    Bioenergy Develeopment Co.,Ltd.

  10. Please advise where you are planting the Jatropha in
    Thailand ?.

    Please advise where are your Jatropha BDF factory located.?

    Please advsie the legal body of IKF in Thailand since we could not find any of your name legally registered in Thailand.

    To claim such big investment without any legal back up in Thailand would misguide .mislead the public .


  11. Agus, SE says:

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    We are owners of 24,800 Ha of Land Concessions for Oil Palm Plantation.

    Land already has the authority to plantations and is suitable for
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    Oil and cooperate with us (supply management).

    In addition to this land we can provide an area of 200 thousand hectares in
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