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Solar Cars Ready to Race (Australia)

October 20, 2007 (ABC News Australia) – Solar powered vehicles from around the world have gathered in Darwin for the World Solar Challenge. Thirty-eight solar powered vehicles are going through their final inspections today at the Hidden Valley Raceway before racing from Darwin to Adelaide.

Competitors come from 19 different countries, including France, the United States, and South Korea.Event director Chris Sellwood says the Venezuelan team almost did not make if this far after losing a part of their vehicle in transit.

“Other teams, from this time yesterday, have been working all through the night getting spare parts from different teams to get that car on the road,” he said.

The Venezuelan team has been replacing car parts that were shipped to Tennessee instead of Darwin.

Venezuela’s Jorge Clarembaux says there has been a lot of support from other teams.

“Belgium helped us with the batteries,” he said.

“Yesterday every team came here and talked with us – ‘What’s happened, how’s your car, your batteries!’ so there is so much fraternity here in the World Solar Challenge.”

The highlight of today will be the time trials, giving the 38 teams their positions for tomorrow’s start.

The winners are expected to finish in three days’ time in Adelaide.


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