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World’s only Solar Taxi reaches India

October 25, 2007 ( – What better way than to spread the awareness about climate change and global warming than to go round the world in a solar taxi.

solar taxi comes to india

This chic-three wheeler is the brainchild of Louis Palmer, and it took 3 years of develop this eco-friendly taxi using cutting-edge technology. The solar cells in this taxi have been provided by a leading manufacturer of silicon solar cells, Q.Cells, and the batteries are high efficiency ZEBRA batteries, specifically designed for electric vehicles. The Solar Taxi has a lifespan of approximately 200,000 – 300,000 km. It is expected that if it is mass produced it would cost approximately €10,000 ($14,000 / £7,000).

On July 3rd, a group of explorers started an epic 15-month journey in this solar-powered taxi. Following a route through five continents and 50 countries, they intend to travel a distance of around 50,000km.and have already made its way through Europe and into the Middle East.

It is expected they will reach Jakarta at the end of October, Bali in December, Perth for the New Year, through to Singapore in February, Hong Kong in March and then on via China, Japan and then onto North America and Europe.


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