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Australian Jatropha Company Looks to Raise A$10m from IPO

November 14, 2007 (Biofuel Review) – A new Australian company, Jatoil Limited, formed to invest in the global market for biofuels, has announced an initial public offering to raise up to Aus$10 million ahead of its planned listing on the ASX on 12 December. According to the company it will supply rising international demand for biofuels by both growing and selling low-cost biodiesel feedstock overseas. The company’s main business will be the supply of Jatropha oil. It will, it says, develop its Jatropha feedstock supplies with local partners, initially in Asia, to supply the local Asian economies where the feedstock is grown and the European Union.


Jatoil is offering up to 35 million shares at Aus$0.20 each to raise up Aus$7 million. The company may accept over subscriptions for up to 15 million shares at Aus$0.20 each to raise a further Aus$3 million. The maximum raising is up to Aus$10 million. The company says it has existing cash reserves of Aus$5 million.

Jatoil’s Executive Chairman, Mike Taverner, said: “Jatoil is positioned to supply rising world demand for biodiesel. Crude oil prices are soaring and reserves are limited. Biofuels are an essential alternative to combat the effect of fossil fuels on global warming.

“We will avoid problems encountered by some Australian biofuels companies by operating outside of Australia and producing low-cost Jatropha feedstock oils in Asia to meet rising demand for industrial fuels, in particular in the local Asian economies and in Europe.

“Jatoil is an early mover in the Asian Jatropha market and we expect to become a dominant player. We have already entered an agreement to participate in substantial Jatropha projects in Indonesia and we are initially exploring additional opportunities in Sri Lanka and South East Asia.”


42 thoughts on “Australian Jatropha Company Looks to Raise A$10m from IPO

  1. Victor tan says:

    We have started planting Jatropha trees in Johore Bahru, Malaysia. This is a small scale “prove of Concept” project.
    If funding is available to us, we can do it extensive in Malaysia, Cambodia or Laos.
    We can do all the work and supply you the seeds at predetermine prices or based on future prices. If more
    funding is available, we can also do the Jatropha Crude
    Oil extraction. If you are keen, kindly contact:-

    Victor Tan
    Natural Energy Pte Ltd

  2. We have made arrangement for over fifty thousand acres of land available in Ghana for jetropha cultivation. We want an interested investor into this viable project. contact person Mark.telephon regard.Mark.

  3. Looking for the financial partner to join the project of Jatropja plantation in lao(8m000 hectares) and Cambodia (3,000hectares0.
    Currently operating 300 hectaresof pilot [lantation in Lao and exporting some CJo for few key end user of CJO for BDF production and SCO for stationing power generating engines .

    Projects are alredaye stabliesed with land concession ,
    Off take market for all rpdcable qunatity at prime price benchmark to the world rising fossil crude oil prices.
    Intetesrting financial supporter should contact for more detail discussion.

    • daniel says:

      Dear Sirs,
      We are interested in off take agreement of jatropha oil if you have
      please provide us with some information of cooperation as well
      Thank you
      With best regards

  4. zaheer hussain says:


    With my five years of experience in Jatropha research I have developed a high yielding Jatropha curcus culture(bio-fuels). The results are furnished below

    i) Average yield : 6-7 kgs / plant

    ii) Oil percentage : 30-35%

    iii) Resistance to pest and diseases.

    I proposed to sell this clone to anyone, if you know any company interested to buy such clone, please inform me and also expecting your suggestions too. I expect your positive reply in this regard.

    With regards

    Zaheer hussain.v.m.

  5. pee says:

    Jopitosma is an Australian base company,we have been doing reaseach on jatropha in the last 5 years, due to the potential behind this old plant we have recently bought 20,000hecter of land in west Africa in the prospect to get more,we are now looking for investor to collaborate with to start cultivation early next year.for any interest please send me an email

  6. ZUKEY says:

    HELLO. We are MALAYSIAN small company starting joint the biodiesel project by JATROPHA CURCAS IN 2006,here we have our own nusery for making seedling for cultivation jatropha.we do supply it to the company and individul that looking for and also become a planter to all big project here,we have a contract for planting about 40hecter here and 20hecter in INDONESIA as a joint venture project.WE ARE LOOKING FOR FUND TO DEVELOPE PLANTING AT OUR RESERVE LAND ABOUT 100 HECTAR HERE.ANY INFO KINDLY CONTACT US. MARHABA REZQI RESOURSES +60173398339

  7. I just recently attended the International Energy Week in Singapore (November 3-7,2008) held at the Raffles City Convention Centre’s as organized by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Energy Studies Institute (ESI) & Bang’s Public Relations. There are various issues on biofuel since it compete for agricultural lands and it is very water intensive (pls note that water uses a lot of energy too for its desalination, filtration, distribution, etc.). Thus, our company, Energy Source Consulting with various partners from all over the world is bringing in the technology to increase yield and efficiency of existing Jathropa and other agricultural stock used for biodiesel. Furthermore, we facilitate the availability of advanced technologies on biofuel production & improved & more efficient processes. In addition, other complementary technologies like cellulosic ethanol, wind tech, hydro, hydrogen,biomass, etc. are highly given much attention too. Therefore, we access the best alternative sources of energy based on natural resource,etc. that varies per country (comparative advantage)– ; e-mail:

  8. SAJEERYAN says:


    • Arnab Mondal says:

      Dear Sir

      I am working in a reputed public sector Indian oil marketing company which is also working for producing biofuels in India from Jatropha plantation

      Please let me know about your work in details and the quantity of Jatropha seed that your comapny handles every year.

      With Regards

      Arnab Mondal

  9. hanguyen says:

    Dear all.
    I am leaving in Vietnam. I work for a business company. We have a Jatropha project in Vietnam. We are looking for some parter to develop the project.
    Pleas contact to me when you receive message
    Mobile: +841665642388

  10. R.T.Akklian says:

    My name is R.T.Akklian.jatropha Plantation area waching in tamilnadu.Some Area only for good cultivation.Some area cultivated poor countation.[ i am estamated 1 to 3 year crops get 200gm to 400gm seed produced / Acre/Year,So Not Vaiable to Farmers,So Jartopha Plantation Only Planting Hedge.jatropha Hedge Plantation is very good.Get more yiled,so Jatropha all Company Advacied for jatropha Hedge Promoting Work doing.
    I am procured Jatropha seed in tamilnadu every year .
    every year i am geting 5000 Kg to 10,000 Kg Jatropha Seed Procured for Some District.So everybody Plz Contact my
    Mobile : 9345163684

  11. Ahmed F.Khan says:


    We are dealing in Jatropha field here in Pakistan and looking for Some one on technical side (other then India) and also we need to buy jatropha seed for extraction around 200 mt. if you have answers please reply

  12. Stephen says:

    I am writing from Papua New Guinea. We are a local company looking at venturing into Jatropha farming. We have land available for immediate farming and are looking for an investor.

    • raj says:

      Dear sir or madam

      I was very much interesting in jatropha plantation investment, could you kindly give me some rough idea in 1,000 hector of land how many liter, gallon or metric ton of oil can be produce average. Tel me your location
      Your respond will be highly appreciated


  13. Giulia K. says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Our company Markus Korman Limited located in London – 30 Arminger Road, W127bb, UK, with the commercial department in Italy. We are occupied by the supply of the equipment for the electric cogeneration systems which works by means of the motors feeded by the Crude Palm Oil and the other types of the vegetable oils.

    We are the suppliers of the most important plants in Europe. We are looking for larger quantities of Crude Palm Oil .

    We need serious partners (suppliers) for contracts of 800MT/month to 20.000 MT/month. The contracts have to be long-term if it’s possible and the delivery should be effectuated to any European port. If you are interested please write me we will send you the LOI.

    Best regards, Mrs. Giulia Karlovskaya

    Chief of Commercial Department

    • Dear Mrs Kaloskaya,
      We are based in Singapore.
      We are very serious and we are interested in supplying the palm oil.
      Please send your LOI
      to attention to Enterprize21 pte ltd.
      C/o CEO international business Daniel Christian Buteau
      Tel 6016.3222254.
      We will be in Amterdam for one week from 28/09/09
      to 01.10.09
      so please your LOI asap.
      Thank you very much.
      With regards

    • geom. bettega glauco says:

      stiamo costituendo una soc. per produrre olio di jatropha, ci rendiamo disponibili a rifornirvi quando saremo in piena produzione.
      per il momento ci occorre sapere se sarete disposti a rifornirvi da noi e per quali quantitativi annui.
      grazie, attendo risposta via mail.
      Geom. Bettega Glauco

  14. chumroen Benchavitvilai says:

    t is in big doubt whether Jatropha plantation is economical viable for commercial purpose.

    In the past few years there are so many companies did try to raise the funds but there is no single project did prove a succefull result.

    The unsecured and relatively low yield of Jaropha plantation with the misguiding of proper cultivatrion methods could be the reasons to bring all Jatropha related projects move ahead recessively.

    Any new fund raisng must concern the gurantee of success as well.

    it should not be only to get the moeny to spend out .

  15. DIPESH SURANA says:

    I am Masters in Agriculture, technical in Jatropha plantations, if any Reputed company had any opening for Manager jatropha plantations, and oil extractions. KINDLY REVERT BACK.

  16. SVM exports for engaged in growing energy crops for the production of Bio-Diesel. India have millions hectares of land currently unused waste or degraded. We are pleasure to introduce ourselves as a successful exporters of Agricultural products like Jatropha seeds and Herbal raw material, We are enjoying the good reputation of importer response among the worldwide.

    Cultivation of Jatropha curcas on contract forming
    Exporting the Jatropha products world wide successfully.
    Consultation of jatropha cultivation to worldwide buyers.

    To expand our project we are looking for a overseas partners to go with joint ventures.

  17. Bandula weerasingha says:

    Dear all.

    I already have 12000 small scale farmers network in dry zone 7 districts Sri Lanka. We are growing tropical crops since 1994 with these farmer and women groups. Some one who like to support as CSR with poor farmer poverty reduction project we can direct supply or harves to you or as profit business we can coordinate the Sri lankan farmer net work.

    If you wish to contact please this is the best investment.

    Bandula Weerasingha.
    +94 77 9960540

  18. Wolfgang Langhof says:

    Dear all,
    Iam a German consultant of renewable energies specialized for Jatropha curcas plants and other oil plants. Now I stay in Sri Lanka and I am looking for companies or private persons who are ready to invest. I am in the position to consult you for plantation Jatropha. I can assist you for any project to produce biodiesel. Biodiesel from waste cooking oil, palmoil, jatropha oil and other biooils. If you are interested in please send me a e-mail:

  19. Frank Vidinamo says:


    My name is Frank Vidinamo from Papua New Guinea an I’ve been providing consulting services for biodiesel projects related to Jatropha curcas. At the moment I am consulting with a community based group who are interested in this project and are ready to make land available for jatropha farming farming and are looking for an investor.

    Thank you

    If you wish to contact me, my email address is: frank.vidinamo@gmail. com


    My name is mr kazeem sekoni,Nigerian,i have about 30heacre of land for this project jatropha,i need a financial assistant.if my dream come to reality,i will be happy and thankful.

  21. lubbert adjovi says:

    Good day,
    we are some peasant production units invested in renewable energy such as the production of crude vegetable oil in the central region of Benin, which can be used for biofuel production or biodiesel.

    the object of this message is to establish commercial relations with potential serious buyers wanting to do business with producers and contributed to our financial development through a partnership link it possible in the long term.

    We have a good quantity and are looking for foreign buyers to export our products through a project renewable annual supply.

    Below is a brief overview of our offer:
    * Product: crude jatropha oil.

    * Price: $ 450 USD/ton, CIF your Port.

    * Available Quantity: 300 tons.

    * Monthly Quantity: 300 Tons

    * Trial order: 40 tons as trial order to establish trust between us for the first time.

    * Origin of oil: Benin

    * Payment Terms: T/T bank transfer swift.

    * Packing: Flexitank 22 tons.

    * Port of loading: Port of Cotonou, Benin.

    * Destination: order of the buyer.

    Some specifications of the oil:
    Oil purity: 97,5%
    FFA: 5% Max
    Admixture: 0,5%
    Moisture: 0,9% Max
    Nature: crude
    Density: 0.930
    Cetane: 25 to 41

    I await a prompt reply if you are interested in my offer.

    Best regards

    Lubbert Adjovi.

    Benin, Cotonou
    Skype: lubadjovi

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