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Jatropha to provide 500,000 jobs in Chhattisgarh, India

Nearly 500,000 people in 8,000 Chhattisgarh villages will soon earn a livelihood from growing jatropha plants, the oil from which is used to produce bio-fuel.

Indian Oil Corp (IOC) has inked a pact with Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency (Creda) this week to float a joint venture for jatropha plantations on a wide scale in the next 5-6 years, according to official sources here Wednesday.  ‘No less than 500,000 people will get jobs across the state during the next 4-5 years due to these jatropha plantations,’ a senior Creda official told IANS. ‘The memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between IOC and Creda Nov 19 here for a joint venture for massive jatropha plantations in the state would produce 300 tonnes of bio-fuel per day in the next 4-5 years.

‘It will provide village youth of impoverished southern Bastar and northern Surguja tribal pockets livelihoods in the completely new bio-fuel sector,’ the official added.

IOC will have 74 percent stake in the joint venture while the state government will hold 26 percent equity.

The state government will provide land to state-run Creda, which will then lease it out to IOC.

IOC will initiate plantations and will set up extraction units at the village level. The extracted oil will be taken to the refinery to be set up in the state for bio-fuel production.

The sites for the plantations would be decided soon based on findings of a comprehensive survey.

‘The IOC and Creda pact will revolutionise the economic set up of about 8,000 villages,’ the official pointed out.

He also said Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd has agreed in principle to enter into a similar tie-up with Creda and has already submitted a draft proposal.

The Creda official informed that the state government has targeted to plant jatropha in one million hectares of fallow or barren land by 2012.

Chief Minister Raman Singh, who says Chhattisgarh will emerge as India’s leading bio-fuel producer by 2012, uses jatropha bio-fuel for his official vehicle.


41 thoughts on “Jatropha to provide 500,000 jobs in Chhattisgarh, India

  1. It is my great pleasure to introduce my self here
    I M Aadrsh Tiwari working as aProject Officer
    (Cultivation & Evaluation of Petro-Crops [Jatropha & Karanj ) as well as I M doing Ph. D. on Potential of Jatropha curcus for rehabilitation of degraded lands with special reference to Bilaspur district. I got some out standing results in this field I M working research and cultivation of Jatropha crop since last 4 years. I assure u sir I shall help allot your company if I got the chance to proof my self. I M waiting prompt reply from your side.
    Thanking You with regards.

  2. It is a big doubt whetehr Jatropha plantation will be commercial viable .
    Considering the low productivity per hectares and the high labor intensive crop.

    It is hard to believe that the jatropha crop will be competitive compared to any other agro fuel crops.

    Any one could give a realistic and provable evidence of the actial productivity of th this oild plant.

    Chummy Mah

  3. Why the Chhattisgarh Gov’t does not give Gov’t land to any individuals who show interest to grow jetrofa.Why the land only can be given to IOC or such type of company.There is need to encourage to individuals.

    I have prepared a file of about 100 acre land for plantation of jetrofa in GOV’T land at Chain pur village near Manendragarh but the DM Korea (Baikunthpur) refused to do so and said that there is no any provision to give any land on lease to any person, then why to IOC.

    A line of reply is awaited in this matter.

  4. I just recently attended the International ENergy Week in Singapore (November 3-7,2008) held at the Raffles City Convention Centre, as organized by the Energy Market Authority and Energy Studies Institute & Bang’s Public Relations.Major issues on biofuel since it competes for agricultural lands and significant requirement for water consumption(pls note that water uses a lot of energy too for both desalination, filtration, distribution, etc.). Thus, our company, Energy Source Consulting with various partners from all over the world is bringing in the technology to increase yield and efficiency of existing Jathropa and other agricultural stock used for biodiesel. Hope we can help individuals, corporations and countries. Furthermore, we provide advanced technologies on biofuel production like cellulose tech & other complementary technologies like wind tech, hydro, hydrogen,biomass, etc. Therefore, we access the best alternative sources of energy based on natural resource,etc. that varies per country (comparative advantage)– ; e-mail:

  5. Surendra Tewari says:

    It is my great pleasure to introduce my self here i m surendra Tewari ,I am looking for job in your renowned company for growth of mine as well as company. Still I am working as a Manager(Nursery) India, in Lakshmi Renewable Energy Pvt.Ltd,Gurgaon,Harayana . I am well known about the potential of my working areas. During my job I got and still getting the exp. of plantation of Jatropha as well as production of Biodiesel.I had collected different strains of Jatropha from allover India & screened them from high oil yield. The screened strains were vegetatively propagated for obtaining the expected results.The seeds from the propagated plants were further grown in the nursery and then transferred to the field.I have also good exposure to Biological an especially interested in work in Tissue Culture & R&D section of the company.
    I got some out standing results in this field I M working research and cultivation of Jatropha crop since last 3 years. I assure u sir I shall help allot your company if I got the chance to proof my self. I M waiting prompt reply from your side.
    Thanking You with regards.

    Surendra Tewari

  6. Vipin says:


    My name is Vipin and I’m an NRI and would be interested in investing in companies pertaining to Jatropa. If anybody is interested please contact me at 09000111267. You can also contact Ranjit Pillai at +971503247125 at Dubai. We are looking for talent who can help us to set up Jatropa cultivation business.

    Alternatively mail me at

  7. Dilipbhai Shah says:

    Financials abstracted from Audited Balancesheet
    of a Private Limited Regd SME unit
    manufacturing Bio Fuel, Bio Diesel from Jatropha Curcas
    The unit is located on State High Way.
    Ideally located 1.25 Sq Ft area specific purpose NA land
    Invested Rs. 1.60 Crores for over three years.
    It has nationalised bank’s loans o/s upto Rs. 1.25 Crores
    It has unsecured loan liability up to 14 lacs
    Own Capital nett erosion is as under
    a. Share capital : 36.03 Lacs
    b. P & P + Losses : 23.01 Lacs Capital Erosion
    c. Nett Capital Balance : 13.01 Lacs
    d. Debt : Equity Ratio : 10.7 : 1
    e. Secured Loans include : 9.36 Lacs SFAC Venture Capital
    f. Sale for the FY 2007-08 : 15.46 Lacs
    g. Closing Stocks 31.03.08 : 23.00 Lacs
    h. Advance to RM Growers : 16.32 Lacs ( To w/off)
    i. Yrly Interest Burden : 16.80 Lacs

    The unit is yet operating only at 20% capacity, much below BEP
    during 2008-09 incurring further erosion of capital.

    Bank loan a/c is on verge of getting NPA

    NO CASH INCENTIVE and/or SUBSIDY, of any nature is offered by state/central Govt, despite being SME of most
    priority sector, engaged in R&D based Bio Fuel High Tech Production.

    Why the GOVT shouts claiming tall & high on offering liberal incentives to technocrates / innovators ?

    There is no protection to the promoters, facing bankruptsey soon.

    The only drawback in the promoter is : He is most genuine R&D schollar brain & inventor of the high tech extraction of Petrol – Diesel – Gas from Jetrofa & even from Road Waste!!!

    What are we talking about incentives and adoption of such victimised many many SMEs ?

    Expert’s timely view on possible rescue operation to survive the crisis are highly solicited.

    Wecome suggestions & Debate with Mr. DILIP SHAH on
    Mbl No. 09426131260 Ph No. 02637 236712
    E-mai :

  8. Dilipbhai Shah says:

    Thanks for incororating the test case online for healthy

    Please keep us update on your expert’s moderation
    on the datails given.

    Global opinion and if possible, offers to adopt/ nurse
    rehabilitate / survive and/or disposal of SME unit
    on as is wher is basis are welcome.


  9. I am Chhoun Vi Thun, Cambodian Doctor Candidate of Petrol Chemical in Hochiminh University of Technology, Vietnam.I was born in Kampot province of CambodiaNation: CambodianVN: +84 932234255Cambodia: +855 11786470

  10. shashank shukla says:

    i am too eager to work in JATROPHA & bio fuels project.
    I have compeled my MBA-Agri-business.& currently working with Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd as a Regional Manger.

    i am located at Orissa.
    i belong to place which is the most suitable one for JATROPHA plantation in Orissa.The land available easily but a positive response is required

    Do advice me& contact

    Shashank Shukla

  11. sheesh pal singh says:

    i want working with iocl in jatropha plantation .

    please advise me .

    Ruchi bio fuels.Pvt.Ltd.
    Dist. indore(M.P.)


    • Debadutta Mishra says:

      Debadutta Mishra

      I am from Odisha.I have done my project on producton of biodiesel from jatropha curcas from Biotech park ,lucknow. and i have good expertise in it. i have produced the best biodiesel on biotech park. i am interested in iocl biodisel project . I assure u sir I shall help you a lot if I got the chance to proof my self. I am waiting for your reply.
      Thanking You with regards.
      Debadutta Mishra

  12. Prasanta Das says:

    Sir, I have knwoledge about jatropha tree, its plantation, its nursury , its oil production,etc.
    I have expirience in working as a project officer in jatropha plantation for fuel.
    Due to some family reason I left that job.
    But my interest is already in that job.
    If you can please provide me a suitable job.

  13. Prasanta Das says:

    I was working as a project officer in jatropha plantation near about 5 years. But due to certain family problem I left that job.
    I have knowledge abou jatropha plantation, seeds, nursury, its management etc.
    If you provide me a chance I will be very glad to work with you.

  14. SHEESH PAL SINGH says:


    I was working as a project officer in jatropha nursery and plantation near about 3 years. But due to certain problem I left that job.
    I have knowledge abou jatropha nursery development and plantation, seeds, nursury, its management etc.
    If you provide me a chance I will be very glad to work with you.

  15. SHEESH PAL SINGH says:


    I was working as a project officer in jatropha nursery and plantation near about 3 years. But due to certain problem I left that job.
    I have knowledge about jatropha plantation, seeds, nursury, its management etc.
    If you provide me a chance I will be very glad to work with you.

    mob no= 09021614377

  16. RAKESH MANDAL says:

    i am a electronics engg. i am intrested to work with ur company. can u me a chance.
    mbl no.- 9776144824, 9301516946

  17. kapil jeenwal says:


    my self kapil jeenwal i m doing work with Bharat Petroleum Co. Ltd.(BPCL) in jatropha research as a SRF. We r working on 100 vareities of jatropha.
    I m so happy to see this site and it is great opportunity for us provided by IOC and CREDA.
    If you any other information and sugession about jatropha plz plz u may contact me at

    Thanks to everyone and all the best.

  18. Karmanya Dewangan says:

    Karmanya here with one year experience in the field of jatropha exp: land identification ,plantation,nursary devlopment and maintanance & have four year exp. in field of sells as a DSE in Idea cell. ltd in Bilaspur
    I want encrisment in my salary and post so pls give me advice if any u have

    Thanks with regards
    Karmanya dewangan

  19. Biofuels are fuels that can be done by processing the green oil is emitted by the plant Jatropha. This is a form of awareness on climate change good for the future hopefully

  20. sir
    I was recently in Raipur and visited many villages in Chattisgarh.
    I admire Dr Raman Singh the best CHief Minister we like.
    Iam very happy to see that the best efforts of Dr Raman Singh has done wonderful effect.
    we can see plenty of Jatropha .
    we are now buying seeds .
    with best regards

  21. ASISH KUMAR DAS says:

    Now I am working as plantation Manager in JK PAPER LTD,
    at Bhawanipatna,Odisha. Iam interested in IOC Bio-Diesel

    • Respected MR sandeep Dhaka
      Iam so glad to see your message …iam so glad your co is doing wonderful work as i happened to see your 50 acres of Jatropha plantations near Hyderabad
      i was just roaming in Raipour and met Dr Shukla
      we are working to createa big global supply and demand project work .
      Iam working as Chief Technological officer fora Combodia Based co

      we are into Jatropha
      i wish you all success
      with best regards

  22. Jayanta Chaudhuri says:

    Last five years I am working for Jatropha plantation as Public relation and Business development Executive. Presently I am working for D1 Williamson Magor Bio Fuel Limited. Independently manage all aspects of Jatropha plantation, Liaison with Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency / CREDA / State admin. Plantation under Government Scheme (MGNREGA) in Odisha, Contract farming in Jharkhand, Plantation through Corporate Social Responsibility projects, Liaison with farmer club / NGO/Facilitators for plantation & grain collection etc.
    J Chaudhuri
    Mob: 94340 60703

      • Jayanta Chaudhuri says:

        Dear Mr S A Alagarsamy,
        We are collecting only Jatropha grains from our captive plantation in North East states and Jharkhand for production of Bio diesel. Our target is to collect 2000 MT grain. This requires developing awareness of farmers and collection agents. Once the culture of collection and marketing grain is developed it will be available in lower price. You may buy from traders @ Rs.15/Kg (approx) this year. If you organize network on commission basis 200 ton grain collection from Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Jharkhand is possible. J Chaudhuri, Mob: 94340 60703, Email:

  23. Jayanta Chaudhuri says:

    What is the present scenario of Jatropha plantation and Bio diesel production in India? Union government is still to decide on future of bio diesel or lost hope! Jatropha / Pongamia grains are available in the market though farmers uninterested to collect due to low price. Inter cropping suitable plants may encourage farmers for quick money and upkeep plantation for profitable production. Anyone interested may contact for good profitable project and save poor farmers.

    • sir
      I feel govt of india gave decent burial to jatropha oil. i was in jatropha right from 2003 till last week. i have lost big money. The Coiambatore Agri university underr one Dr Paramathma got big funds for jatriopha reasearch but he did not digest properly.
      i feel jatropha is dead in India. thanks to our corrupt politicians.

  24. Jayanta Chaudhuri says:

    Jatropha needs lot of inputs and moisture as well as optimum temperature for better quantity of seed production. Jatropha seed oil makes excellent bio-fuel. Due to lack of knowledge farmers / investors have suffered great loss. Jatropha ventures have harmed poor people they supposed to help. Lot of people lost their job and some people (so called experts of TERI, PhD holders and Plantation co. etc) have made a lot of money. The grain collection process is time consuming and costly. It is not suitable for marginal farmers. Poor Indian farmer now knocking traders door to get fair price of their produce. But there is no one to give them assurance.

    The bio fuel program was started in the year 2003 and “in-principle” approval had been given for “demonstration phase” involving plantation over 300,000 hectares of bio-diesel producing non-edible oil seeds (jatropha and pongamia) on degraded forest and waste land.

    The GoM met in February 2009 and gave “in principle” conditional approval for the establishment of the mission, subject to receipt of positive feedback of the assessment of the plantation work already carried out in the country. Ironically Union government is still to decide the fate of the Bio-fuels program.

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