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All aboard for ‘bioloco’ ride – New Zealand testing use of biodiesel in its trains

In a first step toward an eco-motivated locomotive fleet, Toll New Zealand is testing the use of biodiesel in its trains.

The six-month trial will use a B5 fuel mix of 5 per cent biodiesel and 95 per cent regular diesel in two trains – one freight and one passenger – dubbed “bioloco” engines.

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Toll rail group general manager Joe Garbellini said the trial was aimed at getting a feel for how biodiesel would work for its fleet of 165 locomotive engines.

With an annual fuel consumption of 50 million litres, the attempt to reduce Toll’s carbon footprint could lead to more than 2.5 million litres of biodiesel being used in the company’s locomotives, Mr Garbellini said.

The trial had followed a locomotive driver fuel saver initiative recently introduced in partnership with Shell New Zealand.

Shell biofuels project manager David Robinson praised Toll’s role in the bioloco trial.

“Everybody wants to reduce their carbon footprint and it is so important that the bigger companies get on board.”


2 thoughts on “All aboard for ‘bioloco’ ride – New Zealand testing use of biodiesel in its trains

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