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Carbon Capital to invest RM150m in biogas, biomass plants

March 3, 2008 (The Edge Daily) – Carbon Capital Corp Sdn Bhd will launch RM150 million worth of biogas and biomass projects in Sarawak next month as part of its long-term strategy for growth.

“We will be launching four biogas projects and one 10 megawatt biomass power plant there, utilising empty fruit bunches (from oil palm).

“These are all projects which we will be investing in and developing 100%,” Carbon Capital group managing director William Kho said.


The company also expected to launch more clean development mechanism (CDM) projects for the reduction of greenhouse gases in Sarawak in the future, and was currently working on two such projects in Negri Sembilan, Kho told The Edge Financial Daily.

Carbon Capital recently announced a RM2 billion investment to undertake renewable energy projects in Sarawak under the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy initiative, with the products to be exported to Japan.

The projects, to be undertaken on a 51:49 basis with Japan Carbon Mercantile Co Ltd, comprises the development of a multi-feedstock biodiesel plant with bulking facilities, and a 100,000ha jatropha and oil palm plantation in the initial five-year phase.

“We didn’t come to be involved in biodiesel overnight. This is part of our long-term strategy. We want to support a balance of sustainable development in Malaysia, and we believe biodiesel is the future,” he said.

Kho said going forward, the company was looking at include landfill gas projects, animal farming to harness methane gas for rural electrification, and mini-hydroelectric projects.

It was also considering listing on AIM, the London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller growing companies, although it had no immediate plans to list on Bursa Malaysia, he said.

The company’s businesses include investment in CDM and renewable energy, consulting services, the provision of biogas and biomass power plant technologies using wastewater, animal, municipal and plantation waste, among others, and carbon credit trading.

Waste for its biomass and biogas projects were currently gathered from other parties, he said.

Kho said the company has rendered its consultancy services to the Thai government, Asean and the World Bank for the development of sustainable energy frameworks, training curriculum for cleaner technology and the implementation of sustainable energy management systems in industries.

On carbon credit trading, he said the company currently worked with international trading houses and utility companies in Japan and other industrial countries which could purchase the carbon credits instead of undertaking expensive measures to reduce emissions.

He also said the company had a presence in Thailand, Japan and India, where its partner, Emergent Ventures India, had been consulted on more than 120 CDM projects.

According to Kho, Carbon Capital began as a joint venture between Thailand’s EEC group and Australia’s Energetics 13 years ago.

“The knowledge and experience that we gathered from our consulting has allowed us to venture into other areas,” he said.

On Malaysia’s renewable energy industry, he said it had huge potential, provided there were right incentives and awareness in place, adding that it was part of Carbon Capital’s effort to promote such awareness.

“We should not waste wastes. Create wealth from wastes. Ultimately, this is what we should all be doing,” he said.


17 thoughts on “Carbon Capital to invest RM150m in biogas, biomass plants

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  2. We have got installed a large number of biogas plants at farmers site in India. How can we claim carbon credits? have you been able to claim carbon credit for zthe biogas plants installed so far?

  3. Katherine says:

    Me and my partner azmath are biotechnology students. We are plannin to develop a technology to compress bio gas and make its use economical. We believe once the technology has been developed we will see a revolution . We are at present lookin for funding. We are sure with the necessary financial support we can change peoples attitude about alternative energy. Thank you

  4. rizlan says:

    Dear Sir.We are one of the largest rice millers in sri lanka,due to the high electricity cost we would like to switch on to a paddy husk gasifier.Please send me the full details of a 2mw biomass gasifier plant. at the same time please tell me weather there are any possibility of producing cooking gas from rice husk which can be compressed to cylinders
    Looking forward for your speedy responseThanking youRizlankgmrmrizlan@yahoo.comfax-0094(0)112424725

    • Keerthi Jayasekera says:

      Keerthi Jayasekera
      7765 Redstone Road
      001-905 672 3092

      Hi Pradeep,
      We have Biomass plants from 1MW-10MW in stock.
      Contact me for details with your required capacity.
      Thank you.

      Keerthi Jayasekera

  5. Charles says:

    Dear Sir,
    Dr. S. K. Tandon

    Reg: Biogas for CDM
    Ys sir we can earn credits for biogas plants. Can u send me the details for biogas plant to this mail ID so that i can calculate carbon credits for ur project as soon as u send me the details..

  6. R2 Automation, Inc. Has A Turnkey Program For Producing Clean Energy From MSW Nationally, With Zero Emissions
    APRIL 28, 2009

    R2 Automation, Inc. has a turnkey program for producing clean energy from MSW nationally, with zero emissions, R2 Automation’s technology sterilizes and reduces Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) by over 85%, recovers recyclable material and eliminates the source of methane gas from the waste stream, and creates a clean cellulose fuel from which it creates electricity.

    (PRWEB) March 26, 2009 — R2 Automation, Inc. has a turnkey program for producing clean energy from MSW nationally, with zero emissions, R2 Automation’s technology sterilizes and reduces Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) by over 85%, recovers c and eliminates the source of methane gas from the waste stream, and creates a clean cellulose fuel from which it creates electricity. The self-contained unit will process approximately 100,000 tons/year of waste, with de minims emissions, noise, and odor. From 100,000 tons of waste, the unit will separate recyclables, generate 8.5MW of continuous power output (annually providing approximately 52-65 million KWh of saleable power), and output approximately 15,000 tons of sterile, inert waste that maybe destined for the landfill.

    Each modular for R2 Automation, is self-contained unit uses steam autoclaving technology that sterilizes the waste stream and creates the fuel for electricity generation. By extracting valuable components for re-use, the system promotes sustainability. By removing cellulose from the waste stream, the system eliminates the greatest landfill source of methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas.

    Use of R2 Automation’s system will extend the life of current landfills, and eliminate the need for new ones. Termed a “virtual landfill,” because the system receives and properly manages MSW, without requiring landfill space, R2 Automation’s technology creates additional benefits including a reduction in the environmental impact and cost of transporting waste.

    The R2 Automation has been proven in the operation of a two-year commercial demonstration plant in the United Kingdom, and will soon be in full commercial operations in the UK and Brazil.


    View original release here:

  7. y a kawade says:

    dear sir,

    i am a farmer. have gasplant.

    i want to compress it and use for tractor.

    pl advise.

    with warm regards.


    y a kawade

  8. haider says:

    I am from a china based company and we plan to invest in Pakistan and India in bio gas. should we invest in it? please guide me and i’ll appreciate if anyone of u can provide me with the details about it.
    thank you !

    • Mr.Haider

      We saw your massage
      Proposed Project:CDM Domastic Biogas
      Project Of Tamilnadu,India
      No. Of Plants ;50000
      Survey ;Completed
      Shakeholders ;Meeting completed
      Awaiting ;Investment

      If you are interested please contect
      With Services
      Soial Welfare Centre
      19A/I.P.Koil North Street

      o Tamilnadu,India

      2] No.of units;50000

  9. Saravana Kumar says:

    we delevoped advanced BIO-MASS TECHNOLOGY with high temperature tar free gasification using all sot of dry fuel upto 200*1500mm size moisture arround 40.
    We need funding for developing our technology.

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