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More investment in cleantech is needed (Business Times)


The following was published on December 5, 2012.  By Ron Mahabir


AS WE speed dangerously along the highway of global economic growth, it has become awfully clear that we are headed for major accidents in food, water and other resource shortages, as well as increasing environmental disasters.

We just have had way too many red alerts in recent years including Fukushima, Gulf of Mexico, Katrina, floods and heat waves to not take these a great deal more seriously. It is probably more than coincidence that 2012 is on track to be the hottest year in the United States and Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record. Continue reading

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Asia’s tigers eye nuclear future

February 15, 2008 (Asia Times) – The 2005-07 spike in petroleum prices topping out at US$100 a barrel has prodded economic planners across the globe to reconsider their energy options in an age of growing concern over global warming and carbon emissions. The Southeast Asian economies, beneficiaries of an oil and gas export bonanza through the 1970s-1990s, now find themselves in an energy crunch as once-ample reserves run down and the search is on for new and cleaner energy supplies. Notably, regional leaders at the 13th ASEAN Summit in Singapore in November 2007 issued a statement promoting civilian nuclear power, alongside renewable and alternative energy sources. Continue reading

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China proposes US$3 billion carbon fund

November 13, 2007 (Financial News) – China’s State Council will plow about €2bn ($3bn) in taxes raised from the country’s trading in carbon emissions into a new state-owned fund that supports emissions-reducing ventures as part of its government’s strategy to foster and finance projects for climate change.


The China Clean Development Mechanism Fund, which has received financial and advisory support from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, will be managed by China’s Ministry of Finance.

It will use tax revenues from sales of certified emissions reductions to invest in environmental policy measures such as boosting energy efficiency, Reuters quoted Finance Minister Xie Xuren as saying.

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Soaring oil prices a long-term threat to Asia — ADB

November 2, 2007 (Reuters) – Rising inflation in emerging countries in Asia is still manageable but further rises in oil prices would pose a long-term threat to the region’s economies, a senior Asian Development Bank official warned Thursday.

“Obviously, the increase in oil prices is a big challenge,” Jong-Wha Lee, head of Regional Economic Integration at the ADB, told Reuters in an interview.

Oil prices scaled record highs above $96 a barrel on Thursday, while China unexpectedly raised domestic gasoline and diesel prices by 10 percent, the first increase in 17 months.

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ADB to Finance $931 Million Vietnam Thermal Power Project

September 21, 2007 (ADB) – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a US$28 million first-stage loan for Viet Nam’s Mong Duong thermal power project. The plant will ultimately add 2,200 megawatts of generating capacity to Viet Nam’s electricity system. Total ADB funding under the two-stage financing program will be $931 million.

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ADB`s Carbon Fund Eyes Projects in India

August 31, 2007 ( – Asia Pacific Carbon Fund, managed by Asian Development Bank, is scouting for renewable energy and energy efficient projects in India to provide co-financing and technical support.

The fund which recently (in early August) raised $151.8 million from investors, including those from Europe, has a mandate to finance Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in any of ADB’s 44 developing member countries.

“The Carbon Fund team is speaking with a number of project proponents in India in a number of states involving a range of CDM projects in various sectors,” a ADB official said.

India was a priority for the fund due to its size and potential as well as the government’s commitment to foster clean energy in the country, the official said.
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