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Abu Dhabi to invest $15b in future energy

January 25, 2008 (Bahrain Tribune) – Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s $15 billion future-energy initiative, has made significant steps forward in its ambition to make Abu Dhabi the global centre for future energy. As a long-term strategic and financial initiative, the company aims to create an entirely new economic sector in the emirate, turning it into an exporter of technology.Since its inception in April 2006, Masdar has been working to bring this initiative to life, and many of the building blocks are now in place. Masdar Clean Technology Fund (, an investment fund dedicated to advancing renewable energy and sustainable technologies, has concluded its first year of operations with one of the strongest and most successful deal flows in the investment community. Continue reading

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An Oil Giant’s Green Dream

January 21, 2008 (Time) – If you filled your tank with gasoline today, or warmed your home with natural gas, there’s a decent chance you sent some money to Abu Dhabi. The capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is blessed with fossil fuels, including the fourth-biggest reserves of oil in the world. Selling that petroleum at record prices has helped Abu Dhabi achieve the highest per-capita GDP in the world – wealth that’s visible in every luxury hotel rising from the desert or spotless Mercedes prowling the streets. All those fossil fuels also mean that Abu Dhabi citizens have among the biggest carbon footprints in the world, and the emirate’s exports are a big, if indirect, contribution to global climate change.

So it might come as a surprise to learn that Abu Dhabi is this week hosting the world’s first Future Energy Summit, a three-day gathering of more than 4,000 entrepreneurs, analysts and officials from the alternative energy world, including heavyweights like green designer William McDonough and Icelandic President Olafur Grimsson. (Also present was Prince Charles, who gave a speech via hologram.)

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EcoSecurities & Zero Waste Announce Anaerobic Digestion Facilities in Middle East

October 21, 2007 (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) – Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and EcoSecurities announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Zero Waste Technology to jointly develop municipal waste treatment centers using anaerobic digestion projects under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Continue reading

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Doha Bank to Start Gulf’s First Carbon-credits Exchange

August 27, 2007 (Bloomberg) – DOHA BANK plans to start the Arabian Gulf’s first carbon-credits exchange in 2009 to tap an emerging market for emissions trading.

“The Gulf is the primary source of the oil and gas the world’s using,” Doha Bank deputy CEO R Seetharaman said in an interview in Dubai. “Emissions trading is not only central to our corporate social responsibility, it’s good business too.”

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