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D1 Oils plans to cultivate one million hectares of jatropha globally

November 11, 2007 (Hindu Business Line) – The UK-based global biodiesel producer D1 Oils plc — the world’s largest commercial jatropha cultivator — is targeting around 3.5 lakh hectares of jatropha plantations across India during the next four years, besides plans to invest in the setting up of downstream extraction units and necessary supply chain services in the country.

British Petroleum pact

The company, which recently entered into a partnership with British Petroleum, expects to start producing up to 1,000 tonnes of crude jatropha oil in the country by as early as next year, the CEO of D1 Oils India Pvt Ltd, Mr Samiran Das, told Business Line.

The crude production in the country is expected to be ramped up in the following years, he added.

India among top 3 “India would definitely be among the top three countries for D1 in terms of jatropha plantations going forward,” he said.

Globally, D1 Oils plans to cultivate one million hectares of jatropha, spread across mainly India, Southern Africa, South East Asia, China and Australia, by the year 2011.

As on date, D1 Oils’ plantations in India have crossed 89,000 hectares and the company plans to increase this to one lakh hectares by the end of the current planting season, he said.

D1 India is currently cultivating jatropha in Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and has joint ventures with tea firm, Williamson Magor, in the North-East and liquor company, Mohan Breweries, in the South to process and market bio-diesel from jatropha oilseeds produced by the farmers.

“We are looking at other joint ventures and are in talks with players, though nothing has been firmed up so far,” he said.

downstream extraction units The company, according to Mr Das, plans to set-up downstream extraction units and refineries over the next couple of years in India.

The company’s first extraction unit is expected to come up in South India, along with the requisite supply chain and network of downstream services.

D1 Oils recently set up a 50:50 joint venture company with British Petroleum and transferred its plantation activities to the joint venture, D1-BP Fuel Crops Ltd.

India has been encouraging the use of jatropha, a shrub which has no applications in the food sector and can be grown on arid wastelands, in biodiesel production.

The Centre has initiated a project for petroleum companies to blend conventional diesel with up to five per cent of biodiesel, even though it is yet to be made mandatory as in the case of ethanol, where a mandatory five per cent blend has been introduced.

The price at which petroleum companies will buy biodiesel from producers has been fixed at Rs 25 per litre.


8 thoughts on “D1 Oils plans to cultivate one million hectares of jatropha globally

  1. GYANDER KUMAR says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    My self Gyander Kumar S/o Shri Vidya Ram I Passout secondary exam in1995, sec. secondary in1997, B.Sc(Agriculture) in 2002 and M.Sc (Agriculture) in spcilization in Soil science and Agricultural Chamistry than I work as Project Assistant under the project on National Network on Integrated Development of Jatropha and Karanja funded by NOVOD Board, Gurgaon, Haryana. He is engaged in various trial viz; Progeny, Zonal, Multilocational & National trail of Jatropha & Karanja under Normal, Sodic and other waste land from July, 2005 to 29 April,2008.
    Gyander Kumar
    Mob. +91 99 18 54 36 65

  2. We have made arrangement for over fifty thousand acres of land available in Ghana for jetropha cultivation we want an investor into this viable project.Best regards.Mark.

  3. It is hard to believe that D1 oil will be able to achieve the claimed vision.
    So far there is a very little progress in the project of jatropha.

    If we would look at the investment funding.It is almost impossible to fund the claim taget.
    Most of the fund is used for more prblicize the willingness of the company.

    There is a very little spending on the real activities of Jatrophaplantation.

    From many million of hectares D1 wants to plant.
    Ever one want to knwo how many hectares were executed.

    With such speed of development it may take century to achieve what D1 wants to reach the claimed target

  4. p.siva kumar says:

    Please let me know the latest development of jetropha
    I am intrsted in cultivation of jetropha with bank support from
    Nabard board or the oher banks also
    P.Siva kumar
    09282337744 or 04464507744

  5. karunath Pazing says:

    Dear Sir,
    Last time I sent an e-mail concerning my memberhip registration in D1 williamson Magor Bio-Diesel company Ltd for which I sought your suggestions and guidelines for the matter. I have been checking my mail but got no response from your companies. I have a big landmass in District East Siang of Aruncahal Pradesh in which a good area of Jatropha could be cultivated.
    I am waioting for your response.

  6. Dear Sir/madam,

    I come from Ghana- West Africa and a first Degree graduate with Bsc. Agriculture. I and a colleague owing a company have realized the potential in growing Jatropha. We have seen the interest and importance the Americas, Europe and Asia accord this plant, and even started developing it into biodiesel and other things.

    Ghana has a lot of farming lands lying idle, that we want to go into the planting of this plant for export. We are therefore looking for investors, companies, and any body that will be interested in investing in the planting of this plant in Ghana. We are ready to welcome them, lead them to get the lands and help in the planting of the plant.

    It is our appeal that you use your good office to link us to any person or group that is interested in such projects in Africa- specifically Ghana.

    I count on your co-operation.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Desmond Kofi Akwaah

  7. JYOTIRVADAN says:

    HI !

  8. Gyander Kumar says:

    Vegetative Propogation of Jatropha /Ratanjot:-

    The effect of date of planting and growth harmones on rooting and sprouting of jatropha cuttings. the experiment was laid out in factorial RBD with three replication takaing dates of planting as 15 February to Ist April main Treatments. If cutting are planted on dated Ist march to 15th march showed given better results in terms of rooting and root length to control and NAA at all the levels of concentrations. First fortnight of march was found optimum for planting Jatropha cutting in the nursery. The length of the cuttings should be at least 28-30 cm long and 2-3 cm thick.

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