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SunPower to Build 2 MW Solar PV Power Plant in Korea

October 3, 2007 (Clean Edge News):  SunPower Corporation, a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels, and solar systems, recently announced that it will work with Korean energy company EnE System to build a 2-megawatt solar electric power plant in Jeonju, a city in the Jeolla province of Korea. The plant, owned by Jeonju Solar Energy, is the first of its kind in Korea to be located on a landfill property.

“Locating the power plant on landfill demonstrates the environmental leadership taken by Jeonju Solar Energy and EnE System on this project,” said Stanley S.K. Bae, SunPower’s general manager in Korea. “The Jeonju solar power plant will help serve Korea’s energy needs with a major source of clean, renewable solar power, generated on a site that may otherwise remain unused.”

SunPower is installing its proprietary, single-axis solar tracking system at the 53,000-square-meter site. The SunPower Tracker tilts toward the sun as it moves across the sky, delivering up to 25 percent more energy than traditional fixed-tilt systems while reducing land-use requirements.

“We selected SunPower based on the company’s experience with utility-scale power plant projects as well as the efficiency and proven reliability of SunPower’s technology,” said Sang Kug Moon, director of EnE System.

Jeonju Solar Energy utilized a low-cost financing program sponsored by the Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) to fund a portion of the project cost. Construction on the solar power plant in Jeonju is expected to be complete in January 2008.

SunPower has been active in Korea in helping to develop the solar market. Additional completed solar power plants include the 2.2-megawatt Mungyeong SP Solar Mountain and a 1-megawatt plant in Gwangju. SunPower has a multi-year polysilicon supply agreement with Korea’s DC Chemical Co., Ltd., and is investing in a joint venture with Woongjin Coway to manufacture mono-crystalline silicon ingots, with polysilicon supplied primarily from DC Chemical.


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